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VPX/VME Power Products

Behlman VPXtra™ Power Supplies increase the power available for OpenVPX™ applications.

Behlman Electronics Inc., known for its leadership in power products for military, industrial, and commercial applications, has developed a new engineering standard, VPXtra, that supports the design, manufacture, operation and cooling of high-density 6U OpenVPX compliant COTS DC-DC power supplies and a COTS AC-DC front end module. All units are OpenVPX Vita 62 compliant, with a wide input range and typical efficiency of 90%.

The OpenVPX™ standard has been defined by the VITA (VME International Trade Association) to help establish commonality and interoperability in electronic module and platform design for defense and industrial applications.

Behlman is a member of VITA and serves on a number of the power supply committees.



    • Open VPX VITA 62 compliant
    • Wide input range
    • High power DC output
    • Efficiency of 90% typical
    • Conduction cooled at card edge


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COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products:


US Military organizations, in an effort to reduce cost, are encouraged to seek out reliable, commercial products for use on their programs and projects. The acceptable products usually are modifications to standard products (MCOTS) that are built and tested to verify compliance to the stringent requirements of military products. The Assistant Secretary to the Navy has released a document NAVSO P 3641A, titled " More Power for the Dollar", which outlines the design parameters and the total cost of ownership and highlights the benefits of Modified COTS power supplies like those manufactured by Behlman.


Behlman has specialized in an approach that utilizes COTS 'modules' to configure AC-DC, DC-DC and High Voltage power supplies for both Military and OEM applications. Behlman uses COTS 'modules' because of their excellent reliability, high density packaging and proven design with the advantage of not having to design a new converter for each application. This solution is ideal for programs and projects with production levels of 50 - 100 per year and the total cost of development and ownership is very competitive.

Military and OEM applications requiring a highly reliable power supply in a custom configuration should be interested in Behlman's MCOTS solutions. Behlman has developed and proven its DCS series of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies that are presently used in many airborne, shipboard, vehicular and ground based applications.


'Build-to-Print', 'Form-Fit-Function' or 'Reverse Engineered' power supplies: Behlman uses the same modular approach to replace power supplies that can no longer be manufactured due to obsolete parts or is too costly to repair. In addition, Behlman can manufacture your supply, to your prints, and help to improve the reliability by 'taking ownership of the design' and provide value-added-engineering or reverse-engineering.


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